X` as the attribute key for the active effect.

Non-inverted for comparison: However, if I zoom in and the active weather drawing goes out of the field of vision, the inverted mask gets "disabled" and the weather effect appears everywhere inside the scene, outside the drawing and even inside tiles that. We strongly recommend the use of the module Sequencer instead of FxMaster if you want a lot more control with our assets.

My hotfix is to replace line 101 in module/fxmaster.

I can’t speak about Weather Blocker, since the integration is made on their side, not on the side of FXMaster.

. Where can i get additional effects for FX master? Hello, im wondering what other cool effects are out there for FX master and where i can get them. We are actively designing fancy new effects and improving user-friendly features regularly every week : ) More surprise is awaiting your discovery in the future.

To remove it, go to the Tile Controls and remove the Tile there.

. . Clickable Special Effects, using video files provided by external sources.

. You can use the syntax `ATL.



1 to account for the new naming structure and file widths. Note that the file paths are set for the PATREON version.

How do I remove it? A: Most likely, your created a permanently playing special effect by dragging a special effect onto the canvas, which is just a regular Tile and not managed by FXMaster. .

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Our modules (Free or Patreon) are e.



I am very new to Foundry and was experimenting with FXMaster effects. . Simply edit the file location in the macro if using the free version.

Then you can access and delete masterclip effects there. . . . .

The site than was unresponsive and froze.

Token Magic FX: The river and portal itself will shimmer with magic effect; FXMaster: Turn on Stars or Embers, and Fog, and set them to a. .

The gallery offers tons of special effects divided by popular, new, flames and FX.

The site is stuck and I can`t change the scene or access any settings.


An extended set of custom fields, like all of the traits.

Simply edit the file location in the macro if using the free version.